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I have been teaching obediences classes since 1978. It is one of the most rewarding parts of owning Hair Of the Dog! there is nothing better than seeing a dog with no direction turn into a well-behaved member of the family. Classes are held outdoors by the shop, so that dogs learn to work thru distractions of people passing by, kids & bicycles, sounds of horns, sirens, and even the train whistle.
Classes are taught with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and treats.Classes are 8 weeks, one hour per week, with first and last class being 1+1/2 hour long.

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Dogs are taught to Heel on lead, the Leave It! command, Watch (to focus on owner), Automatic sits, Sit, Stand, and Down commands, Greeting a Stranger with a dog, Stand for Examination, One minute Sit-Stay, Three minute Down-Stay, Wait, and Come/Recall & Finish command. We will go over breaking bad habits, learning to speak DOG, and socialization. A graduation occurs on the final night of class.

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Classes are held Spring thru Fall outdoors. Call HAIR OF THE DOG at 570-379-3049 for details and costs. A deposit to reserve your place in class is required and the remaining cost is to be paid at first class. The deposit is non-refundable, should you decide to drop out, as you are reserving a place in a class that someone else may desire. You will need a training collar, a six-foot leash(no flexi retractables), treats, and comfortable clothes. Please bring your own water and dish to hydrate your dog.

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Classes are fun and taught with laughter. Relax and enjoy! You will make new friends and find you have a well-behaved best friend that you can take anywhere with pride!

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